Tips for beautiful wake up

Most women prefer not to look in the mirror early in the morning. Edges around the eyes, impurities, tired skin and limp hair, typical characteristics after getting up. Read these tips and tricks and you will love to look back in the mirror in the morning. why not check here

Thick Eyes and Dark Spots

Rarely is there a disease behind the dark spots of the eyes. Usually the blue veins that shine through the thin skin under the eyes. Eye rings can also occur if the skin is very dry in this area and forms wrinkle lines. The light is therefore irregularly reflected and leads to dark shadows.

Swelling to eyes can be caused by an allergy. By contact with pollen or a certain food the body gives more histamine. This is a biological amine which is released in an allergic reaction. The release of histamine also leads to swelling. But eating salt in the evening can also lead to thick eyes the next morning.

What can you do against it?

Avoid eating nibble delicacies or salt after 18:00. The excess salt leads to swelling of the eyes, because the salt goes to the places where the water is stored in your body. Those who want to eat something salty in the evening should drink plenty of water.

Apply a proper eye cream in the evening to prevent wrinkles. Pay attention to whether you have properly removed your make-up every evening! If your make-up remover or eye cream burns, you should change the product immediately.

Smooth skin

You wake up broken in the morning? Guilt to spend his nights at a party with lots of smokers and an uncomfortable sleeping position during the night. After much intake of nicotine, the bacteria attack the skin cells. But soft pillows or sheets can also cause wrinkles.

What can you do against it?

Take care of your skin in the morning with everything that lifts your skin again and so smooths the wrinkles from the inside. Moist masks or slightly moist creams also smooth the skin.

You can also do a pillow check: With soft down pillows measuring 80 x 80 centimeters, you can sink deeply and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté in the long term. Better are fixed cushions made of latex or foam in the size of 80×40 or 60×60 centimeters.

Gray Skin

The causes for pale and gray skin are multiple: First, the blood flow in the night is smothered, so that the fine vessels in the face receive less oxygen. And those who still have low blood pressure, wake up in the morning with a pale face.

What can you do against it?

Against this help creams, rich in caffeine, which stimulates the microcirculation and provides the skin with new energy. It is best to apply this cream with a massage. This forces the nutrient care to work again. In addition, regular peels ensure soft, smooth skin.

Unclean skin
Like pimples on the morning of an important meeting or appointment. The causes are different: Stress, the wrong cream, weak hormones.

What can you do against it?

Against this, products that calm the skin with eucalyptus, zinc and salicylic acid and regulate talc production. The spots are best covered with a stick in the complexion of the skin, which are especially suitable for skin impurities. Pay attention to the moisture content of the cream and the non-greasy consistency. Important is a good cleaning in the morning and evening, which deep cleanses the skin and reduces the pores.

Push up tips for the hair
Your hair is unruly in the morning or hang flat and limp on your head?

What can you do against it?

You get long hair back in shape, if you only divide your hair lotion in your hairs, wrap it on 4 thick curlers, blow with a hot blow dryer and finally fix it with some hairspray. Ready is the full bunch! With short hair wax or volume spray helps a chaos.

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