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Hair problems: What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

Alopecia androgenetics is a form of hair loss that occurs in both men and women. Male baldness is the most commonly used term for this form of hair loss.

Alopecia androgenetics is part of the natural process of the body and is influenced by race, gender, age, heredity and hormones. The chance of this form of baldness is greater when it occurs in the family.

Alopecia androgenetics in men

Alopecia androgenetics can occur at a young age. 30% men are already (largely) bald before the age of twenty. Forty percent is bald for his forty and seventy percent for his seventy.

In men, baldness generally begins on the sides on the forehead (coves) and on the crown. Eventually the bald spots grow towards each other and the bald spot gets bigger and bigger. For some men this means that they are completely bald.

Alopecia androgenetics in women

Women can also suffer from ‘male pattern baldness’. With them it is usually a lighter form. About forty percent of Dutch women experience alopecia androgenetics in the course of their lives, especially after the menopause.

In women, due to alopecia androgenetics, usually no bald spots are visible. Most of the time they get thinning of the hair when they get divorced. The divorce eventually gets wider.

Some women experience a more rare form of androgenetic alopecia, where the hair loss is the same as in men, with bald patches and inlets. Then there may be a hormonal disorder and humanization. Blood tests then indicate increased levels of testosterone.

Women can also be confronted with ‘monkshap alopecia’. This occurs during the post-menopause and the hair loss then concentrates on the crown, where a bald spot develops.

How does androgenetic alopecia arise?

In androgenetic alopecia, androgens (male hormones) play an important role. Testosterone, among other things, promotes shrinking of hair follicles. This makes the hair grow faster and at the same time the growth phase is shortened, so that a hair follicle is used up faster. A hair follicle can only produce a limited number of hairs.

In the early stages of baldness, the hair follicles produce very small, thin hairs, the so-called vellus hairs. Because these hairs are thinner and lighter, there already seems to be a bald spot.

How can androgenetic alopecia be treated?

If androgenetic alopecia is treated at an early stage, the kaling process is still reversible to a certain extent. Use of medication is possible to combat baldness. The most commonly used medications by men are minoxidil and finasteride. Women also often use minoxidil or hormones that block the action of androgens, such as anti-androgens or estrogens.

Your hair Growth and the 5 myths in Hair Loss

How fat must your food be if you want to lose yourself?

21day flat bellyMany of us love greasy food, and dive merrily into pork roasts, chips and the hot cocoa with whipped cream. But how fat should the food be? And what type of grease should you choose if you want to keep yourself healthy and slim and have good energy for training? Experts guide.

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Is Mayonnaise Healthy? And what about butter, chips and nuts? It is actually not that easy to find the latest knowledge about fat, but it is worth trying. You have both lots of health and energy to gain by choosing right in the fat jungle, and the time with the great fat scare is over. It can be said in another way.

If you eat too little fat, you may end up looking like a windy, old lady with missing eyes and creaking joints. The fat from your food helps ensure that your skin is healthy and can retain moisture, that your eyes retina can show you the world and that your joints are properly lubricated.

In fact, you can even reduce pain from rheumatoid arthritis if you remember your ration of fatty fish. As if that were not enough, your brain and mood also work better when you eat fat – that is, of the good kind. “Fat is essential for cellular health and for taking up fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin D.

If you focus on your health, you can safely eat at the high end of the interval. This means that you can eat pesto, olive oil and mayonnaise with a clear conscience. However, you still need to choose your fat with care. All fat is not created equal and there is a difference in how the different types work in the body.

Most people know that fats from foods such as cheese, butter and meat are considered the villain in the fat thriller in your refrigerator. They are especially blamed for increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. But now something is happening with our knowledge of this kind of fat. “It’s time to look a little more nuanced on the saturated fat.

Not too greasy

While waiting for the green light for the cheese board on Friday night, you can stick the spoon in the pesto instead – at least if it’s touched on a good oil. Precisely this kind of fat has long been condemned and is particularly responsible for the fact that we just do not end up as the wind-dry lady from before.

But even if it is healthy to eat olive oil, nuts and avocado, you still need to keep your intake at a certain level. No matter how delicious it is, you can’t just eat loose. “First of all, we simply don’t know what happens in the body if you just give up the fat.

That kind of extremes is not being investigated. At the same time, it is important to understand that the fat recommendations are also created from an overall view.

If you want to lose yourself

And then there is of course the weight’s weight influence. If you look at the cold facts, you get nine calories each time you eat one gram of fat. Whereas protein and carbohydrate only cost you four calories per day. gram.

In addition, you use more energy to break down protein and therefore some of the calories are lost in the process before they can sneak on the side legs. Fat, on the other hand, has the body relatively easy to digest, nor does it satisfy as well as protein. Nevertheless, the researchers do not think that you just need to save on the fat if you want to lose weight.

Hair problems: What is Androgenetic Alopecia?

Diet Dos & Don’ts: 5 Reasons You Don’t Lose You

About 90 percent of those who lose weight go back on. Why? We have found some of the most common reasons why your cure is not major.



Losing weight is just a matter of burning more calories than you consume. Your weight does not necessarily say anything about what you eat, but to a greater extent how much you eat. Therefore, powder shrubs, juice cures, soup cures, fasting cures and starches can be scary, but often unsustainable. You can live on juices, soups or air free meat for a limited time, but at some point you get enough and what do you have to return to? Your old habits that gave you the old body. If you want a lasting weight loss, you need to change your basic training and eating habits so that you get a balance in your energy intake and consumption.


If you have also lived on boiled chicken and steamed broccoli or have tried a soup or cabbage, you probably know why it is so important not to eat too monotonously. If your food becomes too dull, it is a matter of time before you throw the towel in the ring. In addition, there is a greater risk of missing important micro- and macronutrients if you eat the same. Instead, find five easy and healthy dishes that you always have in the back of the days when it all sails or inventiveness is lacking.


Do your hand shuttles from the nutshell to the mouth during the day? Or do you always have to bring a piece of fruit to the desk when you pass the fruit bowl? The invisible snack arm can quickly cost you a kilo or two. Instead, keep eating only scheduled meals, and refuse the rest. You will be surprised how many almost whole meals it runs out in a week.


ADVANCE – Unless “what you want” covers broccoli and chicken. There is an expression in the fitness world called “you can’t outrun a donut”, which has come to the world based on the theory of training for a weight loss. It is much easier to eat 600 calories than it is to burn them. When running at high speed an entire bell hour without a break, an average woman burns about 600 calories. It is like a bottle of wine, a rye bread with a medium sized avocado, eggs and a little chiliolie or two small cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.


It’s tempting to skip a few meals to see quick results, but it can rarely pay off. It often ends up emptying your fridge because you can’t control your hunger. Instead, make a plan for what to eat. Always have a healthy snack in your bag and NEVER GO THE HOLIDAY IN THE SUPER MARKET. It is no coincidence that the candy and snack shelves are located at the checkout! Take on the temptations and turn up broccoli, cabbage and coarse vegetables. They put a good bottom and nourish and energize the body with few calories.

5 Reasons You do not Lose Yourself

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5 Reasons You do not Lose Yourself

1. You think it’s healthy

Fruits, nuts and fitness breakfasts are healthy for you, right? This contains a lot of vitamins and essential nutrients, but they are also very energy-tight. 100 grams of natural almonds actually contain 574 kcal!

Guess what? It’s more than a typical Big Mac… that contains 495 kcal. When eating almonds is 10-20 grams enough.

Fruits contain a lot of (fruit) sugar (fructose) and can cause increased blood sugar, which will destroy a slow and constant metabolism: Instead of burning stored fat, the body prefers the sugary and fast energy found in fruit. Many products that claim to be healthy are full of both sugar, fat and carbohydrates. Just because there is 50% less fat, it doesn’t mean it contains a little fat, only that there is 50% less fat than the terribly high amount found in the original.

fat burn naturally

To solve this: Stop categorizing foods as “healthy” and “not healthy” and find out how large your daily calorie intake is and what it should be. You can be shocked when you find out how much your daily calorie intake of “healthy snacks”, such as fruits and nuts, is! Then you should create a diet plan to get the right amount of essential nutrients such as: carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Stick to it – for a long time: guaranteed results.

2. You only do cardio and Endurance Training

If you live on the treadmill but have never lifted a single kilo, you will miss one of the most important pieces in the fitness puzzle. Strength training prevents damage by strengthening the joints, but it also builds muscle mass which increases your burn (metabolism). Bonus: Thanks to increased metabolism, you will continue to burn calories long after you finish your workout.

How to solve it: Simple, find yourself a personal trainer to get started with a strength training program and you will feel great progress in a short time.

3. You do not have a specific goal and you give up too quickly

If your only fitness or health goal is to: “Lose weight and look good.” Then I can say right away; You will fail. Because, like a task without a deadline, where there are no consequences if you do not deliver, it will never be handed over. It’s just not motivating enough to get you into goal. There must be more specific.

To solve this: Set yourself a more specific goal; for example, losing 0.5 kg a week, or being strong enough to lift your body weight in squat within a certain period. And to reach a goal like that, you need a plan. A specific plan. Eating healthy and growing more exercise is not a plan. It is a wish. Find out how much to eat and what to train each week to make progress. Schedule each meal and workout all week. And stick to it!

4. You think you burn more than you actually do

You really killed your training pass! Now is the time for a real treat! GAINS! … No! You think you’ve burned 1000 kcal, but in reality it’s more to 550.

To solve this: Get yourself a heart rate monitor or similar to measure activity and energy levels. Or get help from a personal trainer / professional nutritionist, or dietician. Then you have another to account for, and that will strengthen your self discipline.

5. You close your eyes to hidden calories (Cheat on your diet)

A little bit of salad dressing, lick the spoon clean, eat a few food while you prepare it, a little ketchup on the chicken, an extra scoop of oatmeal, 2-3 olives out of the jar in the fridge .. But that’s nothing, just one little can then not hurt? Or? You justify this with these thoughts at all times.

A salad is one of the healthiest dishes you can eat, but when you top it with bacon pieces, cheese, nuts, dried fruit and a creamy dressing, you can double the calories it contains in a snap. For example, there are 100 calories in 10 small croutons. When all these little innocent foods gather, they can easily burst your kcal budget with hundreds of kcal daily. Then you will be left to believe you are following the diet, being demotivated and believing that you cannot lose weight even if you are on a diet because in fact you have actually eaten more than you would normally.

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