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Even if you work hard in the gym, there will be no results if you do not pay attention to your diet.

Nowadays, every second product has the words “fat-free”. So why do people in the Western world become fatter instead of leaner?

The answer to this is that many people confuse “fat-free” with calorie-free and that is simply not the case. The obsession with fat-free products tends to deceive people because if you overeat anything, even fat-free products, and you don’t burn the calories, your body stores excess energy as fat.

A study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shed new light on the fact that calories do count – not just fat. The Journal reported that total calorie intake was the determining factor when it comes to weight loss, not dietary composition.

The word “calorie” represents heat and therefore energy. Proteins and carbohydrates each contain 4 calories per gram and fat 9, which means the energy is more concentrated.

Each nutrient has a different chemical structure and performs a different function in the body. All foods consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, with proteins also containing nitrogen.

In other words, ‘calorie energy remains a calorie energy, whatever its origin. When it comes to weight loss, the amount of food energy consumed must be less than that consumed. So there must be a calorie deficit.

So, lying around on the couch and watching TV, while burning calories, is not a good way to get rid of energy.


So tell your friends who only count grams of fat when it comes to their food intake, to start counting their carbohydrate intake as this is where most people go overboard.

The bowl of fat-free cereal with fat-free milk at nine o’clock in the evening to silence the hunger pains probably contains 300-600 calories.

One must learn to think of energy when one thinks of calories.

Fitness Tips – 2

“I don’t want to exercise with weights, because if I stop, my muscles will change into fat”

This statement cannot be true physiologically!

Muscles and fat are two completely different tissues in the body and one cannot be changed in the other. It is simply physiologically impossible. It’s just as impossible to change your bike in a motorcycle.

Muscles consist of small fibers, which can only become smaller but do not disappear. Even if, for whatever reason, you stop exercising, the muscles can be rebuilt.

Many studies confirm that it is much easier for people who were previously fit to reach that condition again than for people who get fit for the first time.

That’s why friends, who were previously fit, started and maintained a new exercise program so much easier.

Gym Fitness Tips

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