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Ketogenic Diet – Answers To Top Questions

With so many new people seeing results, researching, and choosing to eat a low-carb diet – especially the ketogenic diet – we thought it was time to put together an article with quick answers to all the common questions of those just starting out. So, this article gathers the most common doubts among beginners of…

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Gym Fitness Tips

Even if you work hard in the gym, there will be no results if you do not pay attention to your diet. Nowadays, every second product has the words “fat-free”. So why do people in the Western world become fatter instead of leaner? The answer to this is that many people confuse “fat-free” with calorie-free…

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The 3 Causes Of Muscle Growth

There are three mechanisms of muscle growth: the tension that is put on the muscle, metabolic stress and muscle damage. They are all regarded as causes for muscle growth, one more than the other. MECHANICAL STRESS The stress placed on the muscle, both by the force production and by the stretch of the muscle, is…

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