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Fat-burn zone: Fact or Fable?

You may recognize the picture below of some cardio machines in the gym. The fat burn zone claims that you burn more fat when you train at low intensity. But is this really true? It is true that you use relatively more fat as an energy source for an effort at a low intensity, as…

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2 Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie Recipe – 2 Recipes I personally used to help lose 50 pounds Are you looking for good weight loss breakfast smoothie recipes? When I lost 50 pounds, I made my own milkshakes for breakfast and it tasted great and kept hunger at bay for hours. In this article I will share…

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Lose weight fast? Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast at Home

Why do I have belly fat? I don’t eat that much at all! Some people don’t really understand why they have a thicker belly with more belly fat. They think they live healthily; they do not eat that much at all and indeed move a little. Unfortunately, the body is slightly more complicated than that:…

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How fat must your food be if you want to lose yourself?

Many of us love greasy food, and dive merrily into pork roasts, chips and the hot cocoa with whipped cream. But how fat should the food be? And what type of grease should you choose if you want to keep yourself healthy and slim and have good energy for training? Experts guide. Is Mayonnaise Healthy?…

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Diet Dos & Don’ts: 5 Reasons You Don’t Lose You

About 90 percent of those who lose weight go back on. Why? We have found some of the most common reasons why your cure is not major. 1. EFFICIENT BUT EXTREMELY Losing weight is just a matter of burning more calories than you consume. Your weight does not necessarily say anything about what you eat,…

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5 Reasons You do not Lose Yourself

1. You think it’s healthy Fruits, nuts and fitness breakfasts are healthy for you, right? This contains a lot of vitamins and essential nutrients, but they are also very energy-tight. 100 grams of natural almonds actually contain 574 kcal! Guess what? It’s more than a typical Big Mac… that contains 495 kcal. When eating almonds…

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