2 Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie Recipe – 2 Recipes I personally used to help lose 50 pounds

Are you looking for good weight loss breakfast smoothie recipes? When I lost 50 pounds, I made my own milkshakes for breakfast and it tasted great and kept hunger at bay for hours. In this article I will share with you.

banana and some raspberries

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Recipe Smoothie # 1

My first smoothie I made was very simple by the way.

You need half a glass or orange juice, half a banana and some raspberries – around 10 or so.

The DO is the base you need for any smoothie and the banana gives a certain thickness to the smoothie. Otherwise, it does not taste healthy enough. Raspberries give a wonderful explosion of flavor.

This recipe is very easy to make and tastes great. Berries are great for weight loss because they have a low glycemic index, which means they are slow burners and will help prevent hunger.

Recipe Smoothie # 2

This is also a very good shake. It is very similar to my previous recipe. Once again, you will continue playing for a few hours until well into lunchtime and it will be exactly what your brain wants to be productive in the morning.

This time apple juice is used as the base. The same amount, about half a glass. Add the average banana, as usual but this time replace the berries with mango pieces of a single.

This has a very different taste, but it is also very satisfying. Mango, brings a great texture to this smoothie, and is a better alternative if you do not like the seeds of getting caught in the teeth. I must warn you, though – mango pulp can also get caught in your teeth, but it’s generally not that problematic!

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